Warehouse Execution Software
Reddwerks Warehouse Execution Software makes your distribution center’s people, processes and technologies successful.
Distribution Science®
Our systematic approach to facility evaluation and optimization.
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Discover how Reddwerks software defines best practices for developing and implementing warehouse execution.

What We Do

At Reddwerks, we view distribution as a single, interconnected system. Our Warehouse Execution Software, powered by Distribution Science®, combines execution with analysis. We synchronize the discrete processes inside the four walls of a warehouse to create real-time decision engines, automating labor and work. Our software provides customers the operational agility they need to handle the demands of an omni-channel environment.

Why Reddwerks

Reddwerks Warehouse Execution Software, powered by Distribution Science®, has the flexibility and agility to offer you a profound ROI on your current or planned system with minimal capital expenditure.

Reduce Direct Labor Costs

Improve labor productivity for a bottom line impact with a quick payback.

Improve MHE Utilization

Leverage and/or right-size your
depreciating assets.

Increase Facility Throughput

Consolidate existing buildings or enable new business lines.

Enable Operational Agility

Handle multiple or changing order profiles and support omni-channel demands.

Create Process Alignment

Improve dept-to-dept synchronization by aligning equipment and processes.

Extend Infrastructure Life

Plug into existing WMS or MHE to reduce CapEx spending.